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Christmas crafts

Mustaches pine
For all those who love modern and original modern decorations we propose to create this Christmas pine with mustaches. Mustaches or mustaches are a figure that is fashionable this season, for this reason we have chosen to create a Christmas pine wall.
You can create it if in your home you have no place to a classic pine, since this is located on any wall and it looks great. This design has a lot of brightness so you can highlight, however if not you want it to shine too much you can do it in matt tones.

Wine Roscos
Christmas sweet of great tradition in whose elaboration has always been used Malaga wine of the variety of muscatel grape that provides a special touch and an exquisite flavor. A very old and traditional recipe for Christmas pastry. There are several variants throughout the province of Malaga. In the town of Monda and many other towns, homemade roscos are made for Christmas.

Recycled paper balls
Decorate your tree taking advantage of old magazines. Recycle and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in an original and creative way.

Christmas decoration with fondant
The Christmas crafts are not those that we can only do with pawns and glue, but we can also propose to create beautiful decorations for our dishes or desserts. In this case for example, we present this beautiful Christmas cake decorated with some mistletoe leaves. This fondant decoration is easy to make and will make your table shine.

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