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Especial Gastronomia

Photos GastroguiaT event

First photos of  GastroguiaT event. See all the fotos of the day 27-05-2016

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Edible flowers

These flowers not only serve to decorate the dish, they are also eatable and are appreciated by many chefs. This happens because of their possible combinations with different food, thanks to their scents and flavors. It is not usual to buy edible flowers at the market, so what we truly ...

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The decoration of a plate

  Rosi Julia is one of the members of the Restaurante Enrique team. With over 20 years of experience in the sector, not a day goes by, she doesnt investigates or developes something what makes her the happiest, the hostelery, innovation and mime to their clients.     Within what ...

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It is truism that Street food, served in what we all know as food trucks, is really common everywhere nowadays. However, this was already common in the 1950s an d in the 1970s with ice cream and hot dogs trucks. Nowadays, chefs are taking advantage of this trend to take their ...

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Interview Marcelo Carro… Chef of Malena resto-bar

Marcelo Carro started his professional career just considering it as a hobby. Nowadays, the cuisine is a huge part of his life. He studied in the Argentinean Institute of Management in 1994. He made his professional practices in the Sheraton Hotel in Argentina. Then he decided to work in some ...

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Interview with Susi Diaz

Photos copyright: Audrey Lohkamp How is a regular day for Susi? A really hot coffee and a talk to my team. Going to the market and then a lunch, at 12:30, with Jose Maria, my mother, my daughter, and, since a few months ago, my grandson Chema. After midday service, I ...

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