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2do. Premio La Cuina de les Barques


The 2nd most valued menu at La Cuina de les Barques was the one presented by: Bon Vent Restaurant from the Altea Sailing Club. Their proposal was based on the Altean cuisine and the sea products. Their Monkfish ´´suquet´´ was the perfect combination of the Meditarranean flavours.

Just a year ago, Altea Sailing Club took over the managment of this restaurant. By doing so, they increased the number of services they offer to their associates. They have also opened the doors of their facilities to those willing to enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine with touches of author´s cuisine. All this by taking advantage of the great quality of the local products.

Rubén Figueira is in charge of the restaurant and manages all the events they host. They participate in the local gastronomic events because they consider that these events are necesary to promote and advertise the local restaurants and gastronomy. This coming gastronomic journey: Fruits de Tardor, from october 19th to november 4th, they will be present as well.

Their large facilities offer all the services any client needs to consider them the best choice. A la carte, daily menu, they are available at any moment of the day.

At Bon Vent Restaurant modernity and tradition perfectly meet to offer you the best gastronomy.

Avda. del Puerto 50, Altea – BOOKING: (+34) 96 584 34 76


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