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They have fun, they play sports and socialize among them, leaving aside some technological entertainment.
The sktatespark are tracks where various modalities are practiced such as BMX, skate, rollers, skooter, etc.
Often they have ramps, handrails and stairs combined result in a park where you can make several runs and jumps or tricks to skaters, etc.
The BMX (short for Bike Moto Cross) is an acrobatic cycling mode whose origin is in California.




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The BMX is an extreme sport that should be practiced with appropriate security they give us the following items: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and wide cloth or plastic shoes. The bicycle must be in good condition to avoid accidents.
There are a variety of tricks that can be performed either in the air or on the plane, as well as all combinations and lines can be made from other tricks. These are some:
Bunny Hop: Basic BMX jump to this the handlebar rises an upward force is done with the back and then pushed forward while the knees are bent to let the bike go up.
Nollie Hop make the bunny hop but reversed (raising the back and push back).
Barspin: as its name (in English) is indicated both hands on the handlebar and rotate it in the air to grab it back into its natural position.
And many more like, Fakie, Rollback, 180, 360, Manual, Nose Manual, Wallride, Footplant, Handplant, Tailwhip, Decade, No-hands, no-footer, Superman, Kikin -whip, X-up, Karim, Can- can.

Maria José Tent

Photos: Audrey Lohkamp

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