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Altea Club de Golf, more open than ever

With more than 40 years in the business, Altea Golf Club still works hard to position itself in the market. This is done by being an accessible, open, and friendly facility ready to welcome all sorts of people (players and visitors).

One year ago, the club renovated its management board. From that moment on they have elaborated a plan to guarantee the visit of all sorts of people: visitors, players, and groups who can enjoy the facility and live a great experience along with the club members.

Pablo Riesta is the manager of this club. He showed us the complex and explained all the latest news related to it.

Pablo, what would you like our readers to know about Altea Golf Club?
First of all, I would like to invite everyone to visit us. This way they can know that we are accessible to all types of public. They can also enjoy outdoor activities and the company of great people who can provide them with energy. Most importantly, they can practice golf and see how it becomes a need and a smooth and authentic therapy to deal with stress. They can also create bonds with people while enjoying the great landscape.

How are the facilities like?
It is a fantastic place located bet-ween the sea and the mountain. There are nine holes with a nice design to make the game even funnier. In terms of the infrastructure, we have a renewed practice court and have improved the green and tees areas. We have also renovated the conditions of the trails and the gardens. What is more, we have built two artificial lakes within the golf court and have taken care, in detail, of the forest.

What about the sports level?
We work truly hard to maintain an attractive tournament calendar as well as one to promote social activities and the work of the school for adults and children. We are working to reorganize our store by acquiring new buggies, electric cars, golf club bags to rent, and the restaurant.

How can the future golf players have access to this information?
They can visit our web www.alteagolfclub.com and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Besides, they can follow us in our social networks. This media serves us as a mean of communication to keep contact with those who follow us to be informed about our activities, services, and reservations.

Would you like to add something?
I would love to know that nobody misses the chance to know about Altea Golf Club, especially now that we are more open than ever.

Sierra Altea Golf, S/N
Altea La Vieja.. Tel: 965 84 80 46
Facebook: Altea Club De Golf

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