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Decorar espacios con alfombras y cortinas

Carpets and curtains, the size does matters

When choosing the right carpets and curtains the size is the most important aspect. According to some decorators, choosing the wrong length and width is one of the most common errors.

In the case of large or panoramic windows, the curtains must reach the floor. In case you buy it, it is recommended to wash it first to avoid its shrinkage. If the window is not too wide, you may place an extra one on each side to make it look larger. In the case of a small window, the curtain must reach, at least, 20cm below the inferior edge.

With regards to the carpet, its primary function is to define the spaces. The one from the dining room, for example, must be 90cm larger than the table in both width and length. This way the chairs will perfectly fit in.

There are 3 options for the one of the living room. It may cover the whole space with all the furniture on it. It may be smaller so the sofa legs step on it. Finally, the carpet may be larger than the coffee table but not so much in order to leave some circulation space around it.

It is very important that you take into account that all carpets need to be regularly cleaned with the vacuum. By doing so, you will always keep it clean and free of dust.

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