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The 2nd most valued menu at La Cuina de les Barques was the one presented by: Bon Vent Restaurant from the Altea Sailing Club. Their proposal was based on the Altean cuisine and the sea products. Their Monkfish ´´suquet´´ was the perfect combination of the Meditarranean flavours. Just a year ...

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Cooking to de-stress

For many people, cooking may be a truly stressful activity that they take as an obligation. More than once I have heard my mother saying: ´´Bufff, what am I going to cook today?´´I do understand her because when cooking is just a routine it has nothing to do with being ...

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Brine and vinegar mushrooms

The mushrooms season is around the corner. This year, we expect a really nice season due to the summer storms. Prepare in preserve and enjoy them all the rest of the year is very easy. We can preserve almost all the wild mushrooms there are: milk caps (níscalos), oyster mushrooms, ...

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WhaT IS AN E-Market?

Our society went through a huge change rightly after the digital revolution became a part of our daily lives. Those who do not adapt to the new technologies are left behind. E-commerce or digital commerce is now weakening the status of the small businesses. Especially the status of those that ...

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Manuela Vellés

Manuela Vellés debuted as an actress in 2007 when she played a role in the movie: Caótica Ana, directed by Julio Medem. In her second long film: Camino, directed by Javier Fesser, she played with her guitar a personal version of one of the songs of the group: Dover. Some ...

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