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Blab la car: a successful story born out of necessity

blablacar-como-hacer-de-un-viaje-un-infierno-027-1418632358The idea of Bla Bla Car was born during the 2003 Christmas celebrations. Indeed, it was born out of necessity. Its creator: Frédéric Mazzella, had to go back home and there were no tickets available at the train station. That is why his sister had to pick him up at night in his way home. During this travel, he noticed that all cars were travelling almost empty. This way, he came up with the idea of a social network that could establish a mean of communication among drivers and travelers. The idea took off in 2006 in France. Since then, it has become a story of success. Nowadays, Bla Bla Car is present in 22 countries: France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Turkish, India, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Mexico, Brazil, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Thanks to its presence in these countries, it has become the most famous and biggest social network for sharing car rides. Moreover, its crew is formed by more than 500 employees and 16 offices located in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Madrid, Warsaw, Hamburg, Moscow, Istanbul, Kiev, Budapest, Munich, Sao Paulo, Prague, Mexico City, and New Delhi.

Source: www.blablacar.es

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